Adobe Buzzword Word Processor Gets a New Home + Improvements

Buzzword now counts your words as you write, so you'll always have an up-to-date count. Students frequently need a word count for essays, journalists for articles or the rest of us for more everyday tasks ("Tell us in 25 words or less...").You'll see the number in the lower right portion of the sharing bar, next to the History icon.

Email Overload – Dealing with Colleague Spam

Dealing with Email Overload - A message from someone who is already listed in a user's Outlook contact list, and to whom a user usually responds very quickly (think spouse or boss) is deemed critical and might be marked red.

Can You Make a Decent Living Off of Google AdSense Ads

AdSense Alternatives - Yahoo! Panama and Microsoft adCenter are not so popular and available only to US publishers. BlogAds, Federated Media, WPNI Blogroll and TechDispenser offer better rates but are open only to select group of websites. Non US traffic cannot be monetized with WidgetBucks or Chitika. Very few sites are successful with affiliate programs of Amazon or eBay.

Google Internet File Storage

Google preparing a online file storage service that will let users upload files from the browser or directly from the PC.

Use Your Gmail Address for Instant Messaging

NYT – If you signed up for Gmail (Google’s e-mail service) , you can use its Google Talk network to send instant messages to people on your Gmail address book.

Meet the Lifehacker Girl

Ever wondered who that Lifehacker girl is whose face adorns every page on the Lifehacker website ?