Oh! Yahoo Desktop Search Tool Goes Missing

Yahoo! launched Yahoo Desktop Search software in January 2005 using technology from X1. Yahoo’s search program was definitely superior than competing products from Google or MSN because it supported many more file-types and would let you preview files even without the associated application.

Tips: How to Find Missing Items Quickly

This is not about locating misplaced files on your computer but about finding real objects like the TV remote, the car keys or your pair of spectacles that you placed somewhere but can’t recollect the location now.

When Should You Defer Publishing Blog Posts

Jennifer makes an excellent suggestion on Scribefire – "Avoid naming similar to other’s popular blog post" "So your competitor just wrote a blog post that hit the front page of Digg and got blogged seemingly everywhere.

Use The Vi Text Editor In Your Web Browser

If you keep hearing about vi ("vee eye") from your Linux friends but never had a chance to experience this powerful text editor yourself, here’s something for you.