You have seen some useful Wikipedia tools, now let’s check out a couple of more interesting Wikipedia Mashups and hacks that make browsing Wikipedia wikis all the more fun.

Interesting Wikipedia Mashups & Hacks

Wiki Scanner – Be warned before you edit the Wikipedia entry of your own product or organization. The Wikipedia Scanner, using IP addresses of users who edit Wikipedia pages anonymously, can easily identify the location of people making the changes and can therefore trace the organization where these edits are coming from.

Wikipedia API – Sample code and API demo for developers. Type a word and it will show a list of all Wikipedia articles that begin with that word.

Semapedia – This tool will help you generate printable QR Codes (in PDF) using Wikipedia articles. Cell phone users can easily load that article by taking a picture of the 2D code.

Wiki MindMap – This tool will help you navigate Wikipedia topics like a mindmap.

Six Degrees – This tool will help you find the shortest path between any two Wikipedia articles. That means how many clicks you need to move from page A to B.

Wikipedia Vision – This Google Maps mash-up will help you visualize edits that are being made to Wikipedia from different parts of the world in near real-time.