internet phone calls Internet phone calls (VoIP), that you make from the computer to other landline or mobile phone numbers using software like Skype, are generally cheaper but then they require a computer and an Internet connection.

Jajah earlier made some good start and allowed users to make long distance phone calls over the Internet using regular phone lines – a computer was required only for arranging the call – the actual voice conversation would happen over traditional phone lines.

Now they have gone a step further with Jajah Direct that completely eliminates the need for a computer to make internet phone calls.

With Jajah Direct, you can call any long distance landline or mobile phone by just dialing a local number, then enter the number you want to call and Jajah connects you. And since it’s a VoIP call, the calling rates remain low.

And unlike the Skype phones, you require no special hardware to use Jajah Direct – it works with every phone that has a dialpad.

Jajah Direct is currently available only in US, UK and Israel but Shaherose (of Jajah) did confirm that they will offer this service in India soon.