video-bloggers The year 2007 was an interesting one for the video blogging industry. We did see some new faces in the tech vlog community but what surprised most is the high level of attrition among video bloggers.

Here’s a quick round-up of technology Video Bloggers who switched jobs in 2007 plus a look at new and notable tech video podcasts that were launched this year.

Rafe Needleman and Dan Farber of ZDNet launched Working Webware on CNET where they interview CEO of web companies. They have just made one appearance together but its worth the time.


Om Malik and Joyce Kim launched the weekly GigaOm show where they talk with tech entrepreneurs and review new start-ups. [Picture: Scott Beale]


Morgan Webb launched a daily tech show called WebbAlert that consist of a recap of popular technical news of the day.


Cory Doctorow, Mark Frauenfelder, Xeni Jardin and other BoingBoing editor launched Boing Boing tv in October 2007 and it soon became one of the top video podcasts on iTunes.


Veronica Belmont moved from CNET TV to host a daily video show for Mahalo called Mahalo Daily.


Amanda Congdon is hosting a weekly podcast for ABC called “Starring Amanda Congdon” but this is probably her last month with ABC. No


Robert Scoble is doing a video podcast for Podtech called “Scoble Show” but it was recently leaked that he has quit PodTech to join Fast Company.


Natalie Del Conte who moved to PodShow for TeXtra, a tech video podcast, has now shifted to CNET TV.


Karina Stenquist, host of the excellent MobuzzTV video blog quit this year after doing a record 469 video shows. She was replaced by Susan Hickey who too left after a very brief stint.


Tina Wood was doing some interesting interviews and podcasts for Channel 10 but not sure if she is still working for them as her last appearance was in August this year.


Other favorite tech video bloggers that have stayed around and continue to produce interesting content consistently include Lindsay Campbell (WallStrip), Cali Lewis (GeekBrief TV), Joanne Colan (Rocketboom), Laura Foy (Channel 10), Molly Wood (CNET TV) and Amber Mac (Webnation).

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