If you want to know what people are currently saying about any web page on the Internet, you can either copy-paste the link (URL) of that page in a blog search engine like Technorati or, if you need something more instant, try any of the following bookmarklets.

These bookmarklets will help you know which other sites are linking to the web page that you’re viewing and the best part is that you don’t have leave the page that you’re on.

See what others are saying about a web page

ConvoTrack This! – This bookmarklet will pull posts from Digg, Twitter, FriendFeed,  Reddit, Hacker News and any other blog that mentions the article and the reaction will load it in neat sidebar.


Convotrack provides a permalink to every URL (see example)  but if you don’t want to install bookmarklets, simply prepend "http://convotrack.com/" to any web page URL and the conversations will still appear in the sidebar (see example).

Bit.ly This! While bit.ly is a URL shortening service, their sidebar bookmarklet can do much more that shorten lengthy links.


Bit.ly will show you conversations from Twitter, FriendFeed and blog comments that reference the page you’re currently on. You can also share the short link of that page page through Twitter, Facebook or email from the Sidebar itself.

TBuzz This! Unlike the previous bookmarklets that track reactions from multiple sources, TBuzz (short for Twitter Buzz) is limited to tracking mentions on Twitter only but the advantage here is that it TBuzz doubles as a Twitter client as well.


TBuzz uses the OAuth protocol to log into Twitter so you don’t have to share your password anywhere.

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