Most blogs have multiple authors but the blog feed will be an aggregation of stores that are written by every single author who’s part of that blog. If X, Y and Z are writing for, you are less likely to find a feed that is specific to author X or author Y.

The other problem is that some of your favorite authors may be writing for multiple publications and so if you are track their writings on the web, you need to follow all those sites in your RSS reader. Isn’t that stressful?

follow bloggers

Enter uFollow – a free web service that helps you keep track of your favorite bloggers and columnists from one place. Unlike a RSS reader where you follow “blogs”, uFollow lets you follow “bloggers” no matter which publication they are writing for.

According to Naira Attia of the uFollow team, their service tracks around 25,000 bloggers and columnists who write for various leading blogs and newspapers. Search for your favorite blogger and click the “follow” link to add him or her to your reading list.

It’s a unique and useful service but lacks RSS feeds and thus you’ll have to keep visiting to check for any updates from your favorite bloggers. Something similar can be done with Yahoo Pipes as well but it does involve a bit of effort.