google maps shortcutGoogle Maps URLs are pretty unwieldy especially when sending over an IM, tweet or email. provides you a quick way to link to Google Maps by simply specifying the address of the location as a search parameter.<address>

So, for instance, the Google Maps link for the Taj Mahal is

If you need directions between two locations, then specify the two addresses separated by a slash. So, to get from the Taj Mahal to Gateway of India, the Google Maps link is<from>/<to>

While uses Google Maps as the default mapping option, you can also opt to use other mapping options – Multimap (mm), Yahoo Maps (y), Open Street Map (osm), Tiny Geocoder (t), by adding the map service code before the address.<code>/<address>

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Note that unlike other short URL services, URLs give you some idea about the shortened URL. [via]