Adobe SendNow is a new online service that lets you send and receive large files. To get started, you simply have to upload your files to the sendnow website, specify the email addresses of the recipients and they can then download your files to their computers with or without signing up for an Adobe account.

SendNow takes a freemium approach – the basic features are available for free while you need to pay a monthly fee to unlock certain premium features.

For instance, you may send a single file up to 100 MB in size with a free Adobe SendNow account and the file will be available for download for seven days after which it will be automatically deleted. You may upload only one file at a time and total storage space available in your SendNow account is limited to 500 MB.

There’s a limitation though – Adobe SendNow is primarily for transferring Office Documents, PDFs, ZIP files, etc. and the service won’t accept MP3s, video files, fonts or EXEs.

Premium accounts are available for $9.99 per month and here the maximum size of a file that you may send is 2 GB if you are uploading from a PC – the limit is 1 GB if you sending files from Mac due a limitation of Flash Player. Your files will never expire and the other advantage is that you get to track the individual file downloads.

There are quite a few good alternatives to SendNow and one among them is Google Docs – you can upload files of any type to Google Docs, they can be as large as 1 GB in size, there’s no limit on the number of downloads and your files will never expire. You however don’t get to track the file activity.