iSendr, as you may recall, is a pretty neat web-based service to help you send files really fast.

Unlike other file transfer services, the unique thing about iSendr is that you don’t have to upload your files to a third-party web server from where the recipient may download them. Here, the transfer happens directly between your two computers and there are virtually no restrictions on file sizes.

qr filesFrom Desktop to Mobile Phone

The iSendr service has recently been upgraded to let you send files directly from your desktop to your Android mobile phone with the help of QR Codes.

It works something like this – you initiate a file transfer session from your desktop and iSendr will provide a QR code on the screen that you can scan* to complete the file download on your mobile phone.

While iPhones and most other smartphones can read QR codes, the iSendr app is written in Flash and will therefore only work on the newer Android phones that have the Flash player.

[*] You may either use the Google Goggles App or the Barcode Scanner to read QR codes on your Android mobile phone.

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