google-blogs If your search query resembles a web address (URL), Google Blog Search automatically uses the link: operator and shows list of blogs that have earlier linked to the web address mentioned in your query.

Confused? Let’s see a simple example. If I search for, Google Blog Search will auto-convert this query to and show this resultset which is nothing but a list of web articles that are linking to

Today Google introduced some changes in the way they index content from blogs / RSS feeds.

Earlier they were only using links from RSS feeds to determine the resultset for link: operator but now they consider links that are mentioned on web pages as well very similar to Technorati.

This means that if another blog ( has linked to your own blog ( from his sidebar, Google will now show in the results as well when you query for

If there were a Technorati Rank like parameter for Google Blogs Search, almost every blog may have seen major fluctuations in their rank due to this simple change.

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