Technorati is improving. They have almost stopped indexing spam blogs and their blog directory is still the best option* to discover new blogs as it ranks sites based on the number of distinct blogs that point to a particular blog in the last 6 months without taking the help of any "human editors".

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blog reviews

Now there’s a new option in the Technorati Blog Directory that will allows user to review their favorite blogs on Technorati and also "tweet" their review / comment from Technorati itself.

If you like to see this in action, check the "Reader Review" section of this page or use the following web address to check the reviews of any other blog:

Technorati should consider adding add a star rating kind of system for users who are too lazy to write a text review.

*Wikio and are other good places for blog recommendations but I have no clue about parameters that these blog directories use internally to rank blogs.