google pagerank10 Another Google PageRank update is underway and as usual some sites have seen their Google PageRank increase by a few points while that number has stayed constant or even dropped for some people.

Out of curiosity, I was trying to find web domains / web pages that have the perfect score – Google PageRank 10 – but surprisingly, this list is much smaller now and a large number of popular sites that were at PR10 few years ago are now off by 1 or 2 points.

For instance,,,,,,, adobe reader,,,,, and were all in the PageRank 10 category before but are now down by 1 point to PR 9.

Other popular sites that enjoy Google PageRank 9 are YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google Scholar, Creative Commons,,, Lycos, The New York Times and Wikipedia.

TechCrunch, Google Blog, Digg, Twitter, and BusinessWeek have a Google PageRank 8.

Now coming to sites that have the longest green bar (meaning Google Page Rank 10) I could spot only just two domains – and which is the official web portal of US Government. It was not so lonely at the top few years ago.