digg-logoLike to know a secret way to browse Digg during office hours with letting your boss know about it. You can apply the same trick to access Digg when the site has been blocked by your school authorities.

OK, the secret sauce lies here – evercleancanada.com and tmpnetwork.com – these are like Digg mirrors on the same web server that hosts the actual Digg.com websites.

Now if you cannot access Digg stories from a computer or would like to secretly access them without letting the IT department know about it, just replace the word digg in the URL with evercleancanada or tmpnetwork. Here’s an example:

A: http://digg.com/tech_news/Google_Microsoft_Bidding_For_Digg
B: http://evercleancanada.com/tech_news/Google_Microsoft_Bidding_For_Digg
C: http://tmpnetwork.com/tech_news/Google_Microsoft_Bidding_For_Digg

These web pages are exact copies of each other but in the last two cases, the images, javascript and css files are served from evercleancanada.com or tmpnetwork.com instead of digg.com so the server logs in your office won’t know what you did on Digg.

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