update twitter from emailThe following two hacks illustrate how can you publish updates ( or tweets) to Twitter using email but first, if you are wondering why would anyone need an email based Twitter client when there are so many good desktop Twitter clients, read this.

Why Update Twitter through Email

#1. You can send updates to Twitter using SMS text messages but unfortunately, that Twitter short code facility is either not available in all countries or is extremely expensive.

2. You can update your Twitter status using Google Talk on your mobile phone but not everyone may be carrying a smart phone.

3: There are situations when you have email access but no Internet – so none of the mobile apps for twitter would work.

Now that you know the benefits of using Twitter via email, here’s a video tutorial that shows how you can post status updates to Twitter through email.

Here’s another solution to the same problem – it uses Blogger instead of Posterous.

Step 1: Go to blogger.com and create a dummy blog (say, mytwitter.blogspot.com)

Step 2: From the Blogger dashboard, go to Settings -> Email and set up your own private mail-to-blogger address – something like abc.twitter@blogger.com – save this email address to your mobile phone address book.

Step 3: Go to twitterfeed.com, login with your OpenID and associate the feed mytwitter.blogspot.com/rss.xml to your twitterfeed account.

That’s it. When you have something to share with the Twitter universe, send that as an email message to the address created in Step 2. Your tweet may take few minutes to show up on the Twitter homepage but it will be there definitely.

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