Here’s a new Orkut App that will help you update your current location on Google Latitude through the Orkut website itself. Earlier, you had to either use a mobile phone or iGoogle for broadcasting your geographic location in Latitude.

The app also makes it easy for you to discover other Orkut friends who may already be using Google Latitude.

google latitude for orkut

Now yesterday, I shared a couple of reasons (see: Location tracking with Google Latitude) why you may want to install Latitude on your phone but if they weren’t convincing enough, here’s another one – Latitude can help you locate thieves.

A lady was waiting for a bus in San Francisco when a man grabbed her purse and ran away. Luckily, the lady had Google Latitude running on her cell phone (which was inside the purse) and the muggers were therefore caught as Latitude was broadcasting their location as they were moving around the city. See video on CBS.