rel-nofollow This great SEO tip from Stoney deGeyter suggests how you can link to internal pages on your website by adding rel=nofollow attribute to links like “click here” or “read more” that have no relevant anchor text.

For instance, the baby product in the figure has two link to the product page but the one highlighted in pink uses rel=nofollow for the following reason:

“I highlighted the nofollowed links on this page in pink. Since we already have the product name in the anchor text, there is no reason to dilute that by linking to the same page using irrelevant anchor text.”

Stoney also suggest using rel = nofollow with links like “click here” as in this example:

Click here to learn more about preparing personal tax returns.

"The click here is a good action link but we don’t want that passing any link juice to the next page. After all, the next page isn’t about clicking anywhere, it’s about preparing personal tax returns. That’s the link we want to make sure gets the juice. "

From Search Engine Guide – Internal Linking, Nofollow and Link Blocking Strategies.