twitter on technorati You can consider adding your Twitter account to the Technorati Blog directory for the following reasons:

1. You can associate relevant Technorati tags to your Twitter profile and this could give you extra exposure via the popular Technorati blog directory (see tags).

2. With Technorati, you can automatically track other blog posts that are linking to your tweets.

3. Your Twitter account will also show up in your Technorati profile page just like your other regular blogs thus increasing visibility.

Add Twitter to Technorati Blog Directory

Step 1: Login to your Technorati account and claim a new blog. Type the full URL of your Twitter page here.

twitter claim code

Step 2: Technorati will provide you blog claim code. Just take the href value from the claim code and publish it as a new tweet as show below:

twitter tweet

Step 3: Go back to the Technorati page and click "Complete Claim". Once that’s successful, delete the above twitter message.

You can fill in the Technorati profile of your Twitter page with tags and a proper description. Done. Credit: Richard Jalichandra.

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