What is the first thing that you do when you find something interesting or useful on the web? If you are like most other active Twitter users, you’ll probably compose a tweet and share the link with your Twitter friends.

You have been following this routine for a while and may have shared hundreds of interesting sites, videos, photos, etc. through your tweets in this time. There’s however a problem here. Tweets have a very small shelf life and it is extremely cumbersome, if not impossible, to locate tweets that are more than a few days old.

However, if you don’t want all your hard work to disappear just because of limitations in the Twitter platform, I highly recommend that you give packrati.us a try.

Packrati.us is a brilliant service that constantly monitors your tweets in the background and as soon as post a tweet containing a URL, the service will automatically save the corresponding page to your delicious bookmarks.

This opens the door for more possibilities. For instance, delicious provides an RSS feed of bookmarks – I can import the Twitter bookmarks feed into Google Reader and thus I instantly have a searchable archive of all my Twitter sharing activity without even having to check delicious ever again.

Another possibility is that I turn the delicious bookmarks page into an email newsletter so that friends, who are not on Twitter, can also enjoy the content that I share on Twitter.

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