cheap phone calls international india The popular Jajah “click to call” service has finally set foot in India.

Unlike Voice IM clients like Skype or Yahoo! Messenger which tie at least the caller to the computer, Jajah allows you to make or receive cheap long distance and international phone calls using the conventional landline or mobile phones.

Type in your phone number on the JAJAH website and the phone number of the person you wish to reach – JAJAH will connect the two numbers seamlessly.

Jajah will first call your number indicating that call is being initiate and then it ring your friend’s number – he or she pick the phone like any other call and you’re connected.

You therefore require an internet enabled computer for arranging the call – the actual voice conversation happens over traditional phone lines sans the computer or Internet. No subscriptions, no monthly fee.

The registration process is simple. Visit the Jajah India website and type in your phone number (mobile or landline) – you will immediately get an call from JAJAH office in US to verify the phone number – accept the phone call and you’re ready to go. Later you can associate additional phone numbers to your JAJAH account.

JAJAH also has a useful call scheduling feature so you will always remember to call your friends and loved ones on their birthdays and anniversaries – just schedule the call with JAJAH and your phone will automatically ring at the schedule time no matter how busy or forgetful you are.

You can also make Jajah call using your mobile phone from – no downloads required. If you don’t have computer, walk into the nearest cyber cafe to call your loved ones who are based outside India.

At the time of writing this article, call rates from India to US and China were around INR 3 per minute while for UAE and other Middle Easter countries, it was around INR 10-11 per minute. You can make the payments via the credit card.  | Invitation Link | [Thanks Shaherose on Facebook]

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