Logitech Squeezebox lets you listen to your music on the computer without any cables. It streams music from PC to your stereo using Wi- Fi (or cables if you don’t have a wireless network).

Anytime you are bored of your personal collection of music just tune into the endless number of Internet radio stations. Internet radio stations can be accessed through sites like live365.com, which also plays music through PC Realplayer application.

You can enjoy music from the Internet even with your PC switched off. Logitech Squeezebox features built-in 802.11g and Ethernet Port so it can be wired or wireless. It works with PC, Mac and Linux and supports both compressed and uncompressed files.

Since you can’t carry around your PC everywhere you can just upload your collection of music in a storage space on the Internet and this music can be accessed using any Squeezebox.

Download Streaming Music from Internet Radio