Stop Ignoring your Less-Active Twitter Friends

The Twitter website and most desktop clients of Twitter present status updates in a River of News format. This is a problem because the river format will hide messages of less active friends as they rarely tweet.

Tablets that are Designed for Taking Notes

Are you looking for simple low-cost tablet where you can capture handwritten notes, sketch drawings and more. Something to replace your pen and paper notebook.

Do a Detailed Analysis of any Website with SiteTrail

While there are several online tools that can help you find every single detail of a website, SiteTrail performs an even more comprehensive analysis of websites and the best part is that you get all the details at one place.

All-in-One Google Search

WDYL, short for What Do You Love?, is a new website from Google that lets you search across all the Google Products from one place.

World Statistics Made Simple!

What percentage of the total world’s population is literate? World statistics are often hard to remember but if the same data is presented with visuals and in relative form, things can get a little simple.

Create your own Facebook Book

The Facebook app analyzes your entire Facebook activity – your status updates, photo albums, events you’ve attended, etc. - and turns them into an elegant printed book.

An Animated Documentary on the Stuxnet Virus

Stuxnet computer virus crippled Iran's nuclear program. ABC1 created an animated documentary that describes the Stuxnet worm in plain English and the ramifications of this cyber weapon.

Text Mirror Turns Web Pages into Plain Text

Text Mirror is an online tool that lets you read web pages in plain text. You specify a URL of a page, the tool will remove all the HTML tags and renders that page for you in plain text.

This Mobile Phone Charger Needs No Electricity

Meet a new USB based charger that can charge your mobile phone or MP3 player without requiring electricity – all it needs is a heat source which could be as simple as a pan of boiling water or even a campfire.

Shopping with QR Codes

This is brilliant thinking. Tesco launched in South Korea as Homeplus. The company was growing in Korea but was still ranking behind the leader E-Mart.

Tips for Using Multiple Sign-in with Google Accounts

Google multiple sign-in feature lets you switch between different Gmail and Google accounts in the same browser without having to go through the sign-in / sign-out cycle. Here are some related tips on using multiple sign-in.

Your Skype is now a Facebook Chat Client

Connect your Facebook account with Skype - you can do this from within the Skype desktop software itself – and it will show a list of all your Facebook friends you can chat with.

Tumblr Blogs Can No Longer Import RSS Feeds

Tumblr has long offered a import feature to help you import RSS feeds from Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, etc. into your main Tumblr blog. This feature has now been removed from Tumblr.

How Internet Addresses Could Look Like in 2012?

ICANN, the organization that oversees Internet domain names, has approved new top-level domain names that could end with .anything. For instance, The New York Times may opt for the .nyt suffix while Google could acquire an address that ends with .google.

The New Windows 7 Ad – Gone a Bit Too Far?

The new Windows 7 video ad features two college students, a boy and a girl, who are in different locations but manage to carry on the relationship with their laptops.

How to Remove Camera Information from Tumblr Photos

Tumblr users can learn about the camera settings you used to capture that brilliant shot but if you want to keep that information secret, just remove the EXIF information from your photographs before uploading them to Tumblr.

Google AdSense Turns Eight Today!

Google launched the AdSense program exactly eight years ago and, in these years, the program has made a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of bloggers and web publishers across the world.

The CE Mark Can Have Another Meaning

Before you buy any electronic gadget or a toy with the CE mark, make sure the marking is original and not the fake China Export mark.

What can you Give Up for Keeping your Smartphone?

A study commissioned by Google on how consumers use smartphones throws up some interesting data. People use their smartphones while eating, inside the bathroom and even while having important conversations.

Inorbit Malls Offer Free Parking for a Day

The Facebook Page of Inorbit Mall crossed 100,000 fans and they decided to celebrate that milestone by offering free parking for a day across their shopping centers in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

All the World Newspapers on a Single Page

Newspaper Map is a comprehensive catalogue of all the prominent local and national newspapers of the world arranged on a Google Map. You can zoom-in to find all of the newspapers that are published from a particular geographic region and read them online.

Google Street View is in India – Would you Opt-Out?

Chevrolet SUVs would soon be scouring the streets of Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi capturing photographs for Google’s Street View project. But are you comfortable with Google taking pictures of your home and putting them on Google Maps and Google Earth for public access?

Tips for Shooting Better Home Videos

Steve Stockman, author of How to Shoot Videos That Doesn't Suck, offers five great tips that will help you shoot better home movies with your existing video camera.

Angry Birds Now Available for your Windows PC

Angry Birds, the most addictive video game ever, is now available for your Windows PC as a standalone game. Thus you can play Angry Birds offline outside the browser and its much faster.

A Good Site for Comparison Shopping in India

Meet a comparison shopping site that can help you compare the prices of books, mobile phones and digital cameras from all the popular online shopping sites in India so that you get the best deal always.

How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint and Word?

If you use uncommon fonts in your presentations or documents, the files will look plan and a lot less elegant on other computers because of missing fonts.

What is Google PubSubHubbub?

You know that PubSubHubbub has something to do with RSS feeds but what exactly is PubSubHubbub and how does it help the real-time web?

SEO Tips for Google Images

If you want your photographs, illustrations and screenshots to rank well in Google Images, here are some simple but useful SEO tips that may help you do better in Google for your images.

A Simple Fix for SyncToy Errors

If you have used SyncToy for some time, you may have noticed that it does sometime throw up some strange errors especially when you are trying to run a preview the changes made to a folder pair.