How Flickr Works

Flickr has tags, user groups, places, notes, and more. The visual map below should help you understand the various concepts of Flickr [via]

The Control Key Shortcuts

A quick visual-reference for someone who has trouble making sense of the various keyboard shortcuts that make use of the Control key in Windows.

Photographs Turned into Animated GIFs

Fashion Photographs as Animated GIFs The 256-color GIF format has been around since the early days of the Internet but photographer Jamie Beck has taken these boring GIF animations to an all new level – fashion photography.

Finding your Most Recently Downloaded Podcasts

As new podcast episodes are found, iTunes will download them but once the files have downloaded, they disappear in your vast iTunes library. How do you find these recently downloaded podcasts?

Create a Windows Theme from Google Fast Flip

Google Fast Flip presents news stories as images. You can now turn Fast Flip into a Windows theme and display stories as desktop backgrounds that refresh automatically.

Video Previews in Google Search

You can watch short previews of videos in Google search results itself by simply hovering your mouse over magnifying glass icon. The video is split into four segments and includes audio as well.

Hide Blogs and Press Releases from Google News

Would you like to filter out blogs and press releases from Google News and limit yourself to seeing news that’s written by newspaper journalists or the mainstream media?

Getting a Job Interview with Google Ads

New York based Alec Brownstein created ad campaigns on Google targeting the directors of various advertising companies where he wanted to apply for a job.

How Much Sugar is in your Favorite Foods?

You may be adding just a single cube of sugar in your cup of tea or coffee but do you know how may extra sugar cubes are you eating ever day through other foods & drinks?

Now Play Angry Birds in any Web Browser

Angry Birds, one of the most popular video games around that has so far been available only on mobile phones and tablets, is now also available for your computer.

Meet a Branded Computer Keyboard

Meet a branded computer keyboard that follows the regular QWERTY layout but the alphabet keys have been replaced by logos of popular brands like Google, HP, etc.

Find Out When Friends Unfriend You On Facebook

Facebook won’t notify you when people unfriend or remove you from their friends list but there's a free web app that can reveal names of your ex-Facebook friends.

List of Google News Sources

Following is complete list of all news websites, blogs, and other news sources that are crawled and indexed in Google News. This list is based on recent data released by the Google News team.

Find the Best Time for Sending Emails with Xobni

When is the best time to send an email to a person so that your message is opened and read and doesn’t fall off their radar? Xobni can find the answer based on the 'received time' of incoming email.

How to Turn any Pen into a Touch Screen Stylus

Learn how to make a capacitive stylus pen for your touch screen devices like the iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile phone. All you need is a ordinary pen to convert into a stylus.

Secrets of Successful Internet Startups

Lessons learned from successful Internet entrepreneurs - If you run an online startup or are planning to launch one, this is one presentation that you should definitely have in your bookmarks.

Choosing a Good Stylus for your iPad

If you are looking to buy a good stylus for your iPad, this detailed video comparison should help you decide which stylus would be perfect for your needs.

How Twitter Can Improve Their Homepage?

This is a screenshot of the Twitter home page (English version) that shows up when you are either not registered with Twitter or are not logged-in. It carries a list of suggested users who you may want to follow.