The lesser known but immensely useful features of Software that you are not using.

Disable Autorun to Secure your Windows Computer

Conficker (aka Downup, Downadup and Kido) is a computer virus disables system services like Windows Automatic Update, Windows Error Reporting, etc. and then connects to a web server to spread itself further.

How to Create a Time-Lapse Video of any Web Page

This tutorial shows how to create a time lapse video from digital photographs or screenshot images using software that's already on your computer. The completed movies looks just like a flipbook.

Get a Reminder to Unplug Your USB Flash Drive from the Computer

Flash Drive Reminder is a handy utility for people who work across different computers and carry their data on a USB memory stick. This will display a desktop reminder saying that the USB drive is still in the computer if you try to log off without unplugging the stick.