The lesser known but immensely useful features of Software that you are not using.

How to Save Paper When Printing Word Documents

When you are printing a document from Microsoft Word, the best way to save paper (and ink) is through narrowing the print margins and reducing the size of fonts used in the document.

The Benefits of Using Gmail with Microsoft Outlook

The many advantages of using gmail imap with microsoft outlook – you get more storage space in google mail, less spam and better email filters. Plus you can grab pictures of your Outlook contacts from Facebook.

Save Web Pages & RSS Feeds for Offline Viewing

Unlike other offline browsers (wget or httrack) which simply mirror web content, Web Book can download and also convert web pages into a variety of formats including plain text, HTML, PDF or RTF.

Mouse Pointer in Windows Is Not Accurate

Windows can easily detect external mice and install the appropriate drivers but the problem is that the position of the mouse pointer that you see on the screen is not accurate.

Disable Autorun to Secure your Windows Computer

Conficker (aka Downup, Downadup and Kido) is a computer virus disables system services like Windows Automatic Update, Windows Error Reporting, etc. and then connects to a web server to spread itself further.

How to Create a Time-Lapse Video of any Web Page

This tutorial shows how to create a time lapse video from digital photographs or screenshot images using software that’s already on your computer. The completed movies looks just like a flipbook.