Online tools and web services – not to be confused with desktop based software.

Online Screen Reader for Websites – Web Anywhere

WebAnywhere provides access to the web from any machine with a modern web browser and some way to play audio. It is useful for web developers who would like to check their pages for accessibility and for blind web users using a computer where no other screen reader is available.

Quickly Analyze Long Pieces of Text with Tag Clouds

Wordle is the best tag cloud generators on the web. It even lets you change fonts, color schemes and text orientation. With Wordle, you can either create a tag cloud using any user name or copy-paste any block of text of unlimited length.

Determine The Shortest Path Between Two Wikipedia Articles

The shortest path between two Wikipedia articles is defined as the minimum number of clicks required to move from one article to another. This can be used to discover connections between topics that are completely unrelated.

The Best Web Based Video Editing Tool is Jumpcut

Forbes says that Jumpcut is the most promising service among web based video editors. They compared JumpCut with MotionBox and PhotoBucket from MySpace but surprisingly missed Adobe Video Remixer available on YouTube.