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Google’s URL Shortener Supports Custom Aliases

Google’s URL shortening service – – supports custom aliases just like and but it appears that they have enabled this feature only for internal use.

How to Edit Photos in PowerPoint

@slhice shares some very interesting photo manipulation techniques that would let you change the colors and backgrounds of photos right inside PowerPoint without requireing Photoshop.

How these Free iPad Scams Work on the Internet

This video from Sophos explains how these “Free iPad” scams work on the web. The scammer will promise to ship you an iPad for free as long as you become a fan of their Facebook page and also invite all your friends to that page.

Why Are TED Talks 18 Minutes Long?

If you ever wondered why TED Talks are exactly 18 minutes long, here’s a clue from TED curator Chris Anderson: Q: Why are the talks only 18 minutes?

Office Yoga for Computer Users

If you work on the computer all day, these simple yoga exercises may help you reduce that burning sensation in your eyes as well as reduce pain in your wrist and arms.

WordCamp India: Conference for WordPress Users

WordCamp India is a conference for WordPress bloggers. These events include discussions and presentations on everything WordPress and the one happening in New Delhi, India should be no different.

Blog Conference – Venue and Dates

I am conducting a blog training program in Agra next week to share blogging tips and techniques that may help you become a more successful blogger.

Turning Expertise Into Revenue

Gaurav at University of Pennsylvania writes this for a "Journal of International Management" paper on the strategic impact of search engines: Amit Agarwal, a computer science engineer, had a successful career working for such firms as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.