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Create Polaroid Effect in PowerPoint

This tutorial describes how you can apply a polaroid effect with textured paper to your photographs using only the image editing tools available inside Microsoft PowerPoint.

Useful Twitter Tips

Marta Majewska of Porter Novelli shares some good tips and suggestions on how you can be ‘awesome on Twitter.’ Some key takeaways: 1.

A Picasso Poster made with QR Codes

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts created this beautiful poster of Picasso using QR Codes. Art enthusiasts could scan the poster with their phones to view more of Picasso’s works and also see a Google Map of the exhibition venue.

Using CSS with WordPress (CSS3)

With CSS3, you don’t need to use images to add rounded corners, drop shadow effects or for changing the opacity of your text on web page.

How WordPress Finds Related Posts

One of my favorite WordPress plugin is Related Posts that, as the name suggests, displays links to other other articles on your your website that are contextually related to your current article.

How to Batch Download Flickr Photos

We previously covered Downloader, a free Windows only tool that lets you download Flickr photos in their largest available size to your local computer.

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

You may want to change your name on Facebook for several reasons. For instance, you got married recently and thus your last name (surname) changed.

What kind of a Geek are you?

“In the past, being described as a geek was considered an insult, for it reflected a certain manner of social skills or status.