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The Macbook Air Can Fly!

The new Apple Macbook Air is so light that it literally flies away when you are not using it. See this video.

Shopping with QR Codes

This is brilliant thinking. Tesco launched in South Korea as Homeplus. The company was growing in Korea but was still ranking behind the leader E-Mart.

How to Remove Camera Information from Tumblr Photos

Tumblr users can learn about the camera settings you used to capture that brilliant shot but if you want to keep that information secret, just remove the EXIF information from your photographs before uploading them to Tumblr.

What is Google PubSubHubbub?

You know that PubSubHubbub has something to do with RSS feeds but what exactly is PubSubHubbub and how does it help the real-time web?

SEO Tips for Google Images

If you want your photographs, illustrations and screenshots to rank well in Google Images, here are some simple but useful SEO tips that may help you do better in Google for your images.

A Simple Fix for SyncToy Errors

If you have used SyncToy for some time, you may have noticed that it does sometime throw up some strange errors especially when you are trying to run a preview the changes made to a folder pair.

Photographs Turned into Animated GIFs

Fashion Photographs as Animated GIFs The 256-color GIF format has been around since the early days of the Internet but photographer Jamie Beck has taken these boring GIF animations to an all new level – fashion photography.

Getting a Job Interview with Google Ads

New York based Alec Brownstein created ad campaigns on Google targeting the directors of various advertising companies where he wanted to apply for a job.

List of Google News Sources

Following is complete list of all news websites, blogs, and other news sources that are crawled and indexed in Google News. This list is based on recent data released by the Google News team.

YouTube Partner

Digital Inspiration channel is part of the YouTube Partner program and was recently featured on the Success Stories page.

Reading on Kindle vs Paper Books

This new TV commercial for Amazon Kindle suggests why reading books on a Kindle is just as comfortable as a physical book.