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Does Bad Weather Affect Cloud Computing?

Can rains or bad weather affect cloud based services? Most people think so as they believe that the term cloud in cloud computing refers to the physical cloud.

Create Comic Books with Microsoft PowerPoint

Design you own Web Comics inside PowerPoint The following video screencasts describes how you can easily create your own comic books using the built-in tools of PowerPoint.

Companies and Brands owned by

List of Companies owned by Amazon What’s common between IMDB, Zappos, Shelfari and Well they aren’t just widely recognized brands but they all have a common owner –

What is Responsive Web Design?

With Responsive Web Design, you can make your website compatible with every mobile device and web browser that's out there using simple techniques.

Visual CVs – Examples

Here are some more examples of Visual Resumes that are creative and narrate the story in pictures pretty well.

How Music Bands Make Money Through iTunes

iTunes has changed the game for artists music bands across the world. Companies like TuneCore have arrangements with online digital music retailers like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, etc.  

How Google Tests Software

If you are curious to know how testing for cloud software happens at Google, the book - How Google Tests Software – might be of interest.

The New Google TV with Honeycomb

The Honeycomb Android 3.1 upgrade for Google TV brings the full Android Market to your TV including apps and notifications.

Siri for the iPhone 4S – Video Ads

Siri for iPhone 4S is a built-in personal assistant that lets you speak voice commands in natural English. Here are some video demos.