A Portable Wiki for your USB Drive

Looking for a portable wiki software that you can carry around on a USB stick? Check out Tiddly Wiki – a wiki so small in size and requires no installation.

Schedule System Tasks with SwitchOff

Switch Off is a tiny tray-based utility that can automatically shut down, restart, disconnect a dial-up connection, or lock up your PC at a scheduled time.

HTML Source Viewer in Firefox 3.1 Gets Better

The Mozilla team has quietly enhanced the HTML source viewer in Firefox 3.1 so it becomes more easy for web designers to view the source code of all linked elements including CSS files, JavaScript and even web pages.

Download McAfee Antivirus Software for Free

McAfee VirusScan Plus is a popular anti-virus software that also provides firewall and anti-spyware capabilities. Learn how to download the full version of McAfee Anti-Virus Software for free.

Access Bookmarks on your Mobile Phone

After a long wait, delicious has finally launched a mobile version of their site at You can browse bookmarks or check out other links that are currently popular on delicious.

Open docx Files in Firefox without Office 2007

If you don’t have Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can still read the Open Office XML Format (.docx) files in Firefox browser by converting the docx documents into HTML web pages.

Find and Replace for Firefox

Find-and-Replace is an invaluable feature that most text-editors provide. Unfortunately while using Firefox for editing tasks, there is no such native alternative.

Win Free HP Computers at Digital Inspiration

I have some updates on the HP Magic Giveaway contest that offers you a chance to win an HP TouchSmart desktop computer, HP Mini 1000 Netbook, HP Pavillion Notebook, HP HDX Notebook, a Photosmart multifunction printer and lot of other cool stuff.

How to Watch YouTube Videos While Working on other Tasks

You plan to watch a lengthy video clip on YouTube but the problem is that you have lot of other stuff to do and therefore can’t focus all the attention to just one video. How do you watch videos while multi-tasking?

Firefox Plugins Can Help Conserve Power

Researchers at SecTheory have come up with an interesting observation – they say that Firefox plug-ins like NoScript and Adblock Plus help in conserving power.

Delete Unused Files with Auto Delete

Auto Delete is a simple application that automatically deletes files in a specific folder that are older than the specified time.

Create Affinity Diagrams with Microsoft Sticky Sorter

Affinity diagrams are an effective technique to refine a brainstorming session into something that makes sense and can be dealt with more easily. Microsoft Sticky Sorter is a free software that helps create affinity diagrams from CSV files.