Selecting a Safe Password Manager for Storing your Secret Passwords

Password Managers store your passwords securely so you can create strong and unique passwords for every website without having to worry about forgetting passwords. Which is the safest password manager for you and should that service be online or offline?

View Firefox Passwords in Plain Text

Unhide Password is a simple Firefox extension that reveals all passwords by displaying them in plain text instead of the normal asterisks.

One Button for Both Stop and Reload in Firefox

The Stop and the Reload buttons in any web browser are interchangeably required – the Stop button is used when a web page is in the loading state while the Reload (or Refresh) button is only needed when the page has loaded either completely or partially.

Download FLV Video Editing Software for Free

The FLV Editor Pro has all the tools you need to edit FLV clips – you can crop video, merge multiple clips, extract audio and even convert FLV into other popular formats.

Never Forget Anything with, or the Latitudinal Information Scrap Trapper that Indexes Things, is a small, simple note-keeping Firefox extension designed by MIT researchers to help you manage the tons of little information bits you need to keep track of each day.

Announcing Winners of the HP Magic Giveaway

The HP Magic Giveaway here at Digital Inspiration is finally over. The contest attracted over 2000+ entries and its time to announce names of the seven lucky winners.

How to Rebuild your Computer and Reinstall Windows from Scratch

If your Windows PC keeps getting slower and slower, it may be time to rebuild your computer and reinstall Windows from scratch. That it, you wipe everything clean, do a fresh installation of Windows and reinstall all software programs. Check these tips and checklist for rebuilding a computer.

Turn your Computer Screen Upside Down

Turning the computer display upside-down has quite a few legit uses, on wall mounted LCDs for example, but you may also use this as a office prank on some unsuspecting colleague.

How to Create Art with Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet Art: Learn how to draw paintings or trace art work in Microsoft Excel. You can create art in Google Docs as well by filling colors in individual cells.

Stop Windows from Auto-Shutdown

A lot of applications, updates and drivers force Windows to restart, sometimes without the option to stop that from happening.