Location Tracking with Google Latitude

Your friends and family members can know your exact location on Google Maps via Google latitude – a free application for mobile phones that can also be used on a regular web browser. It updates automatically as you move around and you may also use this to track school going children.

Abbyy OCR for iPhone Applications

Abbyy Mobile OCR Engine SDK that provides tools for developers to create optical character recognition (OCR) applications for mobile or other compact devices now supports the Apple iPhone.

Save your Word Documents as MP3

If you like to listen to Word Documents on your mobile phone or an iPod, check the Save as Daisy add-in available for Microsoft Word.

Mouse Pointer in Windows Is Not Accurate

Windows can easily detect external mice and install the appropriate drivers but the problem is that the position of the mouse pointer that you see on the screen is not accurate.

Send Large Files from Outlook with

The Acrobat for Outlook add-in lets you send links to files rather than file attachments from within Outlook. Sending links ensures that your recipients can download files from, regardless of the size or type of attachment.

Get Google Chrome Like Start Page in Firefox

Google Chrome start page includes a list of most frequently visited websites as well as a list of recently closed tabs – you can duplicate this feature in Firefox with about:tab.

Simple Spell Checker for Windows

TinySpell is a simple spell checker for Windows that you can use on any application that does not have a native spell checking feature.