Printing Documents in Office 2010

With Office 2010, Microsoft has completely revamped the print options dialog. You can modify the common print settings (like margins, paper size, etc) using the handy drop-down menus and the automatic print previews are automatically adjusted.

A Better Disk Defragmenter Utility from Microsoft

A Disk Defragmenter program helps speed up your system as it will arrange all the fragmented pieces of a file close together. Microsoft offers another free but lesser-known command line utility that lets you have more control over the defragmentation process.

Essential Add-Ins for Microsoft Outlook

Whether you want to read PDF attachments inside Outlook or want to make phones calls or need to track email messages, chances are that there already exists an Outlook add-in to help you perform that task effortlessly.

Synchronization Tools for Microsoft Outlook

Whether you want to shift your Outlook emails and calendars to the online cloud or just want to keep your Outlook items in sync with an online service like Google Apps or Gmail, here are some free tools / web services to help you out.

Useful Utilities and Desktop Gadgets for Outlook

Whether you are looking for tools to reduce the size of your Outlook mails, for extracting email addresses from mails or need gadgets to access Outlook from the desktop, this guide has a solution.

Students Only Use Macbooks in this Classroom

The Macbook-only Classroom All students in this university classroom are working on an Apple MacBook. The picture was shown at the recent “Apple Notebook” event that was captured live by Engadget.

Find Updates for all your Firefox Plug-ins

The Firefox Plugins Check page hosted on will create a list of all plug-ins that are installed on your system and will match that data with its own list to determine if you are running an older version.

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta to Start Later This Year

Office 2010 will be available in three editions - Office Home and Student 2010, Office Home and Business 2010, or Office Professional 2010. The public beta will be available for download later this year.

Review of Eclipse Crossword

Eclipse Crossword is an exceedingly small, yet capable piece of crossword generating software that comes at a great price – it’s freeware!

Write Your Own Name using Barcode

If you are excited about Google's barcode logo and would like to generate a similar Barcode image for your own name or brand, here's a free service that can convert any text into a 2D BarCode image online.