Students Only Use Macbooks in this Classroom

The Macbook-only Classroom All students in this university classroom are working on an Apple MacBook. The picture was shown at the recent “Apple Notebook” event that was captured live by Engadget.

Find Updates for all your Firefox Plug-ins

The Firefox Plugins Check page hosted on will create a list of all plug-ins that are installed on your system and will match that data with its own list to determine if you are running an older version.

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta to Start Later This Year

Office 2010 will be available in three editions - Office Home and Student 2010, Office Home and Business 2010, or Office Professional 2010. The public beta will be available for download later this year.

Review of Eclipse Crossword

Eclipse Crossword is an exceedingly small, yet capable piece of crossword generating software that comes at a great price – it’s freeware!

Write Your Own Name using Barcode

If you are excited about Google's barcode logo and would like to generate a similar Barcode image for your own name or brand, here's a free service that can convert any text into a 2D BarCode image online.

How to Install WordPress on your Computer In 5 Minutes

This tutorial describes how you can install WordPress on your local computer in 5 minutes using the free Web Installer from Microsoft. You don't have to be a geek and the process of installing WordPress is as simple as installing another Windows application.

Put Live Web Pages on your Desktop

Want to turn websites into desktop widgets (or gadgets)? Read this article as it describes how you can put you favorite web pages on the desktop with a free utility available for Mac and Windows.

Create Beautiful Drawings with Livebrush

Livebrush is a free motion-based drawing tool that lets you create stunning graphics and sketches in few strokes. It's like a good alternative to Corel Painter.

The Problem with Apple Software Updates

The problem with iTunes software upgrade process is that Apple tries to push products on your system (like MobileMe and iPhone utilities) that you don't even require.

A Help Button for your Website that Captures Screenshots

This Help button for your website will allow site visitors to easily contact you via email and it will add a screenshot of users web page in the message along with additional debug information like the browser and OS details.