Building an Android App for your Blog

If you would like to create a native Android App (apk) for your own blog, here are all the things you should know to build the mobile app.

See Web Pages in 3D with Tilt, a Firefox Extension

While you are on a web page, activate the 3D navigation controls by pressing Ctrl + Shift + M and then use your mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard to pan, zoom or rotate that page in any direction

How to De-obfuscate JavaScript Code

It is extremely easy to de-obfuscate, or you can also say reverse-engineer, any piece of obfuscated JavaScript code. Here are some ways!

New Windows Theme for fans of Angry Birds

If you are a big fan of Angry Birds, how can you not have the Angry Birds theme on your Windows desktop with six different wallpapers and background sounds of birds and pigs.

Your Skype is now a Facebook Chat Client

Connect your Facebook account with Skype – you can do this from within the Skype desktop software itself – and it will show a list of all your Facebook friends you can chat with.

Angry Birds Now Available for your Windows PC

Angry Birds, the most addictive video game ever, is now available for your Windows PC as a standalone game. Thus you can play Angry Birds offline outside the browser and its much faster.

How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint and Word?

If you use uncommon fonts in your presentations or documents, the files will look plan and a lot less elegant on other computers because of missing fonts.

Finding your Most Recently Downloaded Podcasts

As new podcast episodes are found, iTunes will download them but once the files have downloaded, they disappear in your vast iTunes library. How do you find these recently downloaded podcasts?