Google Hindi Translation is Sometimes Funny

Google Hindi to English Translation suggests this funny translation of “आप हिन्दी समझते है ?” (do you understand Hindi?)

Wired Magazine Suggests Bloggers To Give Up the Fight

The current issue of Wired Magazine carries some provocative advice for bloggers – give up the fight because stand-alone bloggers can't keep up with a team of pro writers, like Engadget or The Huffington Post, who crank out up to 30 posts a day.

Create A Simple Website By Writing inside a Text box

Jottit is perhaps the simplest website creator you could wish for. All you have to do is write some content inside that big text box, click create and your website is up and running the next moment.

Is Google Using AdSense PSAs for Free Advertising

When Google is not able to serve relevant AdSense ads on a web page, the system will display Public Service Ads instead of the regular ads to promote organizations like Red Cross, Direct Relief, etc.

Planning To Redesign Your Website? Tips and Ideas

There's no secret sauce and this site redesign was more about implementing the various things I have learned in the last 5 years. These tips will help people who are planning to launch a new website or getting a fresh coat of paint for an old site.

Find Unconventional Domain Names like

Domain names, especially .com based ones, are very hard to get. allows you to search for unconventional domain names like or in case the .com variant is not available.

Frozen Slush Inspired by Google

Google is not getting into the food business and this Gulp launch was just another April Fools' Day prank but this possibly inspired a company in India to launch a semi-frozen slush.

Google Docs Guide: How to do Stuff with Google Docs

Google Docs is like an online version of Microsoft Office where you can create and upload documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, then share them with anyone you choose. This tutorial and guide will help you get more out of Google Docs.

Google Reader iGoogle gadget updated

Google has updated the Google Reader gadget for the iGoogle startpage. Earlier, it was a limited gadget, which only showed previews of your feeds.

Deep Space Firefox Logo

This photo, taken by the Hubble space telescope, bears a striking resemblance to Firefox’s logo. The logo is overlaid on the original image in the second picture for reference.

The 20 Most Popular Websites

Hitwise today released new data about the top 20 most popular websites in terms of traffic with taking the top position.