Surf the Web via Email

Web In Mail is a free email service that lets you surf websites in your Inbox. Send a blank email message and the full HTML web page will be delivered by email.

Amazon S3 Goes Down with CloudFront

Amazon S3 service is currently along with CloudFront. Since all the CSS and JavaScript files of this blog are hosted on Amazon S3, the layout is breaking on some of your screen.

Tutorial: Create a Yahoo BOSS powered Site Search Engine

While it is extremely easy to implement Google Custom Search in your site, the Google service is kind of limited in the sense that you little control over the search results that display on your site. Yahoo! Boss overcomes most limitations and lets you do more with search results.

Carry Your Google Reader Offline with Scoop, Supports Synchronization

Read Google Reader subscriptions offline on the road with Scoop, a free AIR app available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It keeps track of multiple Google Reader accounts simultaneously. Read, tag and star your blog posts anywhere Scoop will synchronize your changes with Google when you’re back online.

Who Should You Follow on Twitter?

Are you new to the world of Twitter and have no clue about people whom you should follow on Twitter ? Or are you an old Twitter inhabitant but looking to expand your network of Twitter friends?

Locate Songs by their Lyrics

Lyrster is a Google CSE based lyrics search engine which searches 350+ lyrics sites to help you locate any song by simply typing in just a few words.

All Sea Piracy Related Incidents on a Google Map

With pirate attacks registering a dramatic increase in the past few months, the IMB Piracy Reporting Center has come up with a Live Piracy Map that shows all locations from where sea piracy related incidents have been reported.

Fight the forces of Social Media with Digg Attack

In what has to be the most innovative use of social media, Digg Attack, a Javascript based 2D shooter game, uses the Digg API to create various anti-heroes characters that need to be shot down.