Google Updates Privacy Policy

Google today updated their privacy policy document and it now says that, in addition to retaining server logs, Google may also collect information about your interaction with various Google services.

The Most Popular Twitter Acronyms

Twitter, on account of the 140 character limit, encourages extensive use of shorthand typing. Most of these acronyms might be familiar to regular Internet users but some are very specific to Twitter.

Yahoo Currency Converter Gets Smart; Adds Pocket Guides

I normally use the Google search box as the default currency converter but in situations where you don't know the exact currency code or the official currency of some country, the all new currency converter from Yahoo! will come very handy.

Read Wikipedia: The Missing Manual on Wikipedia Itself

Wikipedia: The Missing Manual is popular how-to book on Wikipedia that has all the information you need to get started with editing pages on Wikipedia. You can now read or edit this book online on the Wikipedia website itself.

Internet Explorer 8 Fans Take a Cue from Spread Firefox

Taking a cue from the success of Spread Firefox, Microsoft MVPs in India have launched a new site at to spread awareness about the new Internet Explorer 8 browser that is much faster and feature rich than any of the previous versions of IE.

Adopt Lost Words to Bring Them Back From Extinction

Every year, hundreds of words are dropped from the dictionary to make room for new words. Lexicographers spend hours researching word usage and may drop words that have been completely neglected by the society.

Pictures & Presentations from the Blog Conference

It was a busy weekend as we had a blog conference here for aspiring bloggers as well as expert bloggers or people who already have blogs but want to take it to the next level both in terms of traffic and monetization.

Virgin Mobile Offers Free Airtime

Virgin Mobile customers who are on Facebook can add the Fund My Phone application to profile page. and get free minutes or talktime for their cell phone.

Online Coloring Book for Kids

Remember those coloring books with those clearly outlined comic characters you could fill colors in ?

Explore Baby Name Trends by Letters

If you have been looking for a name for your baby, NameVoyager, a simple tool that displays US baby name trends by letter (or phrases) with data going back to late 19th century, could be very useful.

MyBlogLog Readers on a World Map

MyBlogLogSphere is a simple tool that plots your MyBlogLog Recent Readers on a World Map. MyBlogLogSphere uses the MyBlogLog API to get the list of a blog’s recent readers, then gets the location of each reader saved on their profiles, geocodes that location using Google Maps service then plots the reader’s picture on the map.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People Audiobook

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Download this audiobook from for free. Just make sure that you have selected USA as the country of residence.

Online Test Console for Google AJAX APIs

Google today released a new browser based console where you can write and simultaneously test all your JavaScript applications that use any of the Google AJAX APIs.