Add Your Current Location to Gmail Signatures Automatically

Gmail users who travel frequently will simply love this. You can now instruct Google email to automatically add your current geographic location in all your outgoing email messages so that recipients get to know where you are at the moment.

Book Chain in Israel Tries to Woo the Facebook Crowd

Tzomet Sfarim, a book chain based in Israel, is using a variation of the Facebook logo in their print ads to attract Israeli youngsters who may be too addicted to the social web especially Facebook.

What’s your Twitter Gender ?

Twitmarks, created by Twitter user mixdev, is an experiment that analyzes your tweets and tries to guess your gender.

Embed Videos in Web Pages To Get On Google Universal Search

Google Universal Search changed the basic rule that only high quality web pages could put your site on the front pages of Google. You can have good positions even without text through the use of images, blogs and even videos.

Video Title & Ratings Added to the YouTube Player

Google introduced a small change in the YouTube player today that could save you some time as you can safely skip videos that either have low user ratings or carry some crazy titles.

Is Noise Driving you Mad ?

iSerenity delivers premium sounds and image environments to your computer for relaxing, privacy or even entertainment.

Plant Real Trees from your iPhone with iPhorest

iPhorest is an iPhone app that allows users to plant trees from their phone. As the seedling on your phone grows, you can pass on the seeds to other phones and thus help accelerate the forestation effort.

The Colors of Google Logo Are Dripping Down

If the Google logo was painted on a wall and the colors of paint start dripping down the wall, you'll probably get this pattern. Done by French graffiti artist Zevs.

Shakespeare in XML

If you’re the kind of geek who insists on reading everything in XML, this should be fun.

Teens Not Attending School Can Now Join Facebook

The minimum age requirement to become a member of Facebook is thirteen (13) years but if anyone under the age of 18 wants to join Facebook, he should be studying in some high school or college else his membership would be in violation of Facebook terms.