Internet – Shortest URLs on Earth uses Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) to create short URLs that could well be, as they claim, “the shortest URLs on Earth”.

Does Google Read Email Attachments in Gmail for Ads ?

There are no privacy concerns here because no human beings are reading your Gmail email but it would still be nice to know if email attachments are taken into account by Google when determining AdSense ads.

Is Bill Gates starting a Tech College in India ?

Well, maybe not. But there is a very tattered billboard of Bill Gates College of BCA (Bachelors in Computer Applications) somewhere in Maharashtra (India) inviting applications for a limited number of seats.

Monitor Internet Censorship Around the World

Herdict Web show you a list of sites that are inaccessible in a particular country. You can also use it to know locations where a particular site may have been blocked.

Extract Text from Images & Scanned PDF Manuals Online

Meet a free online OCR service that lets you perform Optical Character Recognition without having to install new software. You can convert scanned images and PDF documents into searchable and editable text from the web itself.

Quickly Set an Egg Timer in your Browser

E.ggTimer lets you create an online timer via an easy-to-remember URL. It will also make a sound so you can have the timer tab running in the background while you work on other tasks.

Google AdSense Optimization Tips – Presentation

AdSense Optimization Tips: With Google AdSense, one should never feel complacent because there's always a chance to improve your AdSense earnings provided you are willing to experiment.

Can You Guess a Person’s Age from their Photograph

Looks can be surprisingly deceptive when it comes to guessing the age of a person but if you are really curious to know how old you look in that picture you posted on Facebook, then give How Old are You a try.

Did Gmail Go Down Due to a Software Update or Denial of Service Attack?

Gmail, Google's free web mail service that turns five this year but is still in beta, went down for a couple of hours recently. The outage even affected Google Apps customers and Google is paying them a 15 day credit to cover any lost productivity due to the Gmail downtime.

Learn Touch Typing with Keyboard Challenge

If you’re not comfortable touch typing, Keyboard Challenge, a simple game that teaches you the position of each key of the keyboard, could be of assistance.

Google Adsense Now Allows You to Change Fonts

You can now choose to customize the appearance of your Google Adsense ad unit by choosing between “Arial”, “Verdana” or “Times” font-faces on all English (Latin-based) web pages.

How to Confuse an Idiot

Check out this video for a simple trick to confuse an idiot. Note that the video might take a little time to load, but it’s well worth the wait.

Single Google Query uses 1000 Machines in 0.2 seconds

Google is normally quite secretive about their search infrastructure but, in a break from tradition, they have revealed that a single search query on Google can consume the processing power of 1000 machines.