Google Universal Search – Extreme Edition

Google Universal Search presents mixed content in search results – you’ll see a couple of clips from YouTube, the top news headlines and maybe snippets from related books on the same page .

Tutorial: Create RSS Feeds for your Website

Learn how to create and publish RSS feeds for a website without any software. RSS feeds can drive traffic to your site and also help visitors stay updated without visiting your site.

InLinks – Text-Link-Ads That Are Tough to Detect

The company behind service has launched a new program that too a marketplace for buying and selling Google PageRank text links but could be slightly tough to detect.

Think Web Colors in Hexadecimal Numbers

The first 2 digits in the RGB color code denote red, the second 2 green and the last 2 blue. Each number denotes the strength of that particular color – FF0000 is only red (no green, no blue), 00FF00 only green (no red, no blue). If all colors are present in equal strength FFFFFF, you get white, if no color is present 000000, black.

Periodic Table of the Internet

Here is a list of the most popular Internet sites arranged as a Periodic Table (the one from your Chemistry class).

WordPress Downloads Cross the 3 Million Mark

WordPress self-hosted software has been downloaded more than 3 million times from the repository. I was lucky enough to watch this live when the ticker moved to that magical 3,000,002 mark.

Is This a Sign of an Ego Clash Among Tech Bloggers

Is this a sign of an ego clash among high profile tech bloggers. I hope that’s not true but if the answer is yes, we could be missing lot of important tech news just because another rival A-list blog had the scoop.

Preview Short URLs with PrevURL

Most URL Shortening services suffer from being fairly opaque, often resulting in embarrasing situations for the unsuspecting viewer.

Did you fall for TwitterRank ?

TwitterRank, a ranking algorithm for Twitter users which currently tops the Twitter search topics, is an elaborate but probably harmless prank.

The Best Mobile Plug-in for your WordPress Blog

If you looking to make your WordPress blog / site more mobile friendly, look no further than MobilePress – it’s a free WordPress plugin that instantly provides a great looking mobile version of your site.