A Request to Google AdSense Team

There have been just too many issues with AdSense during the past week or so. The reporting delays are getting too frequent now and then some major technical glitch occurred last week that probably had an impact on the revenue of some AdSense publishers.

Fair Share Detects Content Plagiarism via RSS Feeds

Fair Share is a free service that helps you detect online plagiarism via RSS feeds. You cannot prevent websites from republishing your content but you can always file a DMCA complaint against them.

Document Search Engine with Inline Viewer

Docjax is a document search engine that will help you find Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or PDF books without having to learn the complex search syntax of Google.

How to Open Embedded Google Maps in Full View

You may have come across Google Maps that are embedded in web pages like the one down here. This is not a static image but a live interactive map so you can zoom, pan, switch modes from satellite to terrain and so on.

Need Help In Writing a Break-Up Letter ?

Ending a relationship gracefully is always tough but writing that perfect break-up letter to your boyfriend or girlfriend won't take more than a few clicks courtesy Breakup Email.

Quick Hints for that Unsolvable Crossword Puzzle

CrossTips gives you quick hints whenever you’re stuck at a particularly difficult Crossword puzzle. You can search for all words by word length, and by specifying various letters in the word.

Locate Desi Names of Indians on Web Pages

If you are the kind of person who looks out for Indian (or Indian sounding) names on blog comments, forum posts or any random list of names, Desi Filter could be a useful addition to your arsenal.

Read Web Articles in a Beautiful & Distraction Free Environment

Distraction-free writing tools transform your cluttered browser in such a fashion that you can focus on writing. The new Readability bookmarklet brings the same concept to reading web pages - it formats web pages like a book or a novel on the fly.

If you can hear all these Sounds, your Ears are in Good Shape

Take this quick unscientific test to determine how healthy your ears still are. While human ears can ideally hear sounds from a frequency range of 8kHz – 22kHz, the hearing ability starts deteriorating post early adulthood, and it is common for people past 25 to not hear anything over 15kHz.

Magazine Articles Optimized for Reading on Mobile Phones

Wordds is a new service that lets you read news articles and editorials published in online magazines on your mobile phone. It currently offers content published in Wired, The New York Times, Business Week, Time, Economist, Salon, Newsweek and a dozen other online publications.

Can Your Website Handle Sudden Increase in Traffic ?

Is your web server ready to handle this sudden surge in traffic without going down? Load Impact is an online service that simulates visitors accessing your website simultaneously from multiple locations.

The Issue with Language Translation Plugins

Language Translation plug-ins rely on the online Google Translate service to fetch a translated copy of your blog pages. The results are stored in the MySQL database (or as static HTML files) and the plug-in then serves these cached results to your site visitors from other countries.