Head of U.S. Armed Forces Joins Twitter

Admiral Mike Mullen, who is the highest ranking military officer in the US Armed Forces, has just joined Twitter at @thejointstaff - maybe his boss @BarackObama convinced him to do so.

Orkut App for Mobile Phones Is Coming Soon

The orkut Mobile App is a free application for your Java enabled mobile phone . This Orkut App will help you send scraps, upload photos and even share albums with your friends via SMS. Coming soon.

No AdSense Ads Related to Sensitive Issues

To ensure a positive user experience and high quality standards in the advertising we provide, Google may disapprove ads relating to subjects that are deemed to be sensitive issues.

Nominate Yourself for the Microsoft MVP Award (India)

Microsoft awards the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status to select individuals who are seen as active participants in technical communities like blogs, Internet forums, user groups, wikis, conferences, etc. Nominate yourself for the MVP India Award.

More Twitter Followers Don’t Always Mean More Clicks

A high follower count on Twitter can certainly give an ego boost but will your web servers crash if a popular Twitter user with half a million followers tweets a link that points to your web site. The answer is no.

Earn your Master of Arts Degree in Social Media

Social media in the context of Internet technologies is itself a relatively new term which broadly correlates to the concept of Web 2.0. Now a UK university if offering a postgraduate degree in social media.

How to Link to HD Quality Videos on YouTube

If you need to link to a 720p HD widescreen video on YouTube from your web pages, append &hd=1 to the YouTube video URL and it will directly play the high quality version of that video in the browser.

What Twitter Can Learn from Google Reader

Tnhe Suggested Users page is probably the most controversial element of Twitter. Think of it as an exclusive club where an entry can help you gain thousands of new followers on Twitter in a single day.

How to Create Flowcharts & Diagrams in Google Docs

You can add drawing objects like flowcharts, arrows, callouts, banners and even freehand scribbles to your documents in Google Docs. This is very similar to the drawing canvas of Microsoft Word.