Introducing HTML Mail v2.0

Create and send HTML Mails online with our new editor. You can either use the visual WYSIWYG mode or code messages directly in HTML and CSS.

Google Approves Responsive AdSense Ads

The Google AdSense team has officially confirmed that publishers can use JavaScript to server ads of different size based on the screen size of the visitor.

SEO Tips from Google

Google offers simple but effective SEO Tips to help improve your website's ranking in web and image search results.

Quickly Open Google Cached Pages in Chrome

Google Cache stores a copy of web pages and here's a little tip that will help you access these cached pages directly from the address bar of your browser.

Auto-Post your RSS Feed to Google+ Pages

You can publish blogs posts and RSS feeds to your Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages automatically with the help of a popular cross-posting service.

Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Offer

You can upgrade your Windows 7 computer to Windows 8 for a massive discount today - the regular $199.99 price will be in effect starting February 1.