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Dell to Launch Mobile Phones in India

Dell, a company that you would normally associate with laptops and desktop PCs, is now getting into the telecom business here in India. The company will soon launch their own brand of mobile phones here.

New Currency Symbol for Indian Rupee

Like the US Dollar ($) and the Japanese Yen (Â¥), the Indian Rupee too will soon have a unique sign that will be recognized worldwide.

PayPal Problems in India with RBI

The Reserve Bank of India has sent a detailed questionnaire to PayPal seeking answers regarding their business in India.

How to Get an Importer Exporter Code in India

This article describes how you can get an Importer Exporter Code in India. All PayPal users need the IEC number to withdraw money to their local bank accounts in India.

Amitabh Bachchan’s Voice Blog

With Bachchan Bol, fans of Amitabh Bachchan can then dial 505678910 from their phones to hear the Bollywood actor speak.

All you wanted to know about GST

Probably the biggest tax overhaul system, which independent India has seen could be the introduction of Goods and Services Tax, leave apart the Direct Tax Code (which could replace the Income Tax Act, 1961).

3 Idiots Marketing Journey

Every time an Aamir Khan flick is up for release, one could easily expect slew of marketing initiatives.

For MasterCard & Visa Card holders in India

The 3D Secure service adds a layer of security to online shopping so even if your credit card or debit cards gets stolen, it can’t be misused on the Internet. Learn how to get your debit and credit card verified by Visa or MasterCard in India.