Offbeat and other interesting stories

How to Deliver a Great Presentation Like Steve Jobs

If you like to learn some of the techniques and styles that make Steve Jobs such a great presenter, watch these excellent videos and slides by Carmine Gallo, author of ‘The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.’

Get Some Sleep on an Airplane

This video offers some excellent tips to help you relax and get some sound sleep during your next long airplane flight.

100,000 RSS Subscribers

I am so happy to share that Digital Inspiration has touched a little milestone – it now has 100,000 RSS subscribers according to numbers provided by FeedBurner.

A Periodic Table of Google Elements

Google employees have created a beautiful and informative periodic table where individual elements represent stats about Google and the Internet.

Analyze Your Facebook Friends with can help you visualize data about all your Facebook friends inside a spreadsheet. You get to see your friend mix by gender, by their age group and their current location (city).

What if Oil Spill happened in your City?

The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is now considered as one of the largest oil spills in the world. Visualize the oil slick area on Google Maps.

An Aircraft Dumping Ground on Google Maps

Here are some stunning satellite images of an Air Force Base in Arizona, USA that houses thousands of military aircraft arranged in such beautiful patterns.

10 Things You Can Do With Old CDs

What do you do with old CDs and DVDs? Instead of throwing them away, here are 10 ideas for things you can do with that discarded collection.

Put your Old Vinyl Record Covers to Good Use

SleeveFace is an interesting technique where people get themselves photographed in such a way that their face stays hidden behind a sleeve yet it blends perfectly with the background.

How Long Will Rare Metals Last?

Tantalum is a rare metal that is used in the manufacture of cell phones and camera lenses but you’ll be surprised to know that if every human on the planet were to consume this metal at the same rate an average US resident today, the metal supplies won’t last for more than 20 years.