Reviews of Electronic Gadgets like iPod, Cameras, MP3 players, etc.

How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings

Learn how to reset your iPad to the factory default setting. You can delete all the content from the iPad or simply reset changes manually.

How to Clean an Apple iPad

How should you clean your Apple iPad. Don’t use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean iPad

The Most Iconic Electronic Gadgets of all Time – Timeline

Here's a visual timeline of the 25 most successful products in the consumer electronics space beginning with the Pong, the first commercially successful arcade video game, to the rumored Apple Tablet that is expected later this month.

University Students Pose with their Macbook Pros

A university in Florida is loaning out 13' Macbook Pro computers to all their student athletes so that they can "keep-up with studies" and download lectures (podcasts) from iTunes while on the move.

Eye-Fi Cards – Transfer Photos without Cables

Eye-Fi is just like a regular memory card but with a built-in Wi-Fi chip to help you wirelessly transfer photographs and videos from a digital camera to any computer over wireless home network without requiring USB cables.

Giving Away 3 HP Wireless Printers

HP India is giving away three HP Photosmart Wireless printers to Digital Inspiration readers. There are no lengthy surveys to fill or taglines to complete and anyone can participate in this HP printer giveaway as long as your shipping address is somewhere in India