Reviews of Electronic Gadgets like iPod, Cameras, MP3 players, etc.

Meet a Branded Computer Keyboard

Meet a branded computer keyboard that follows the regular QWERTY layout but the alphabet keys have been replaced by logos of popular brands like Google, HP, etc.

How to Turn any Pen into a Touch Screen Stylus

Learn how to make a capacitive stylus pen for your touch screen devices like the iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile phone. All you need is a ordinary pen to convert into a stylus.

Choosing a Good Stylus for your iPad

If you are looking to buy a good stylus for your iPad, this detailed video comparison should help you decide which stylus would be perfect for your needs.

iPad, Motorola Xoom and Galaxy Tab Compared

If you are looking to buy a tablet, there’s the Apple iPad, Motorola XOOM and Samsung Galaxy Tab. PCW editors compare the pros and cons of each of these tablets to help you make a better decisions.

iPad 2 – Should you Upgrade?

Apple launched the second generation iPad – dubbed iPad 2 – recently and the new version is slimmer, faster and comes with two cameras. But should you upgrade?

Simple Cell Phones for Elderly People

Meet the best cell phones for elderly people. These mobile phones have bright screens, keypads with large buttons and loud speakers to meet the needs of seniors.

New Mobile Phones from Nokia

Read all about the upcoming mobile phones from Nokia including the powerful N8, the E7 which is for business users and the very-stylish C7 and C6-01.

How to Clean your Laptop

This video describes a safe and easy method to clean your laptop computer so that it looks new again.

The Debug Log Stores your BlackBerry Call History

BlackBerry keeps a record of your phone calls in the debug log that is otherwise used for troubleshooting. Therefore, to completely empty your phone call log, always remember to delete the debug log.

The Apple iPad: Hands-on Review

Hands-on review of the Apple iPad – know more about the capabilities as well as the limitations of Apple’s tablet.