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How to Read your Android Battery Graph

The battery graph in your Android phone lets you visually see the battery consumption of your mobile phone over time. Learn how to read and interpret the battery history graph.

On Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8

The Nokia Lumia series of mobile phones stand out from the crowd. The devices, powered by Windows Phone 8, are responsive, the interface feels fresh and they have great cameras.

How to Dry your Wet Cell Phone

If you accidentally drop your mobile phone in water, you may either use rice or silica gel as shown in the video to revive that wet phone.

Compare Nokia Lumia 920 with HTC 8X

We test Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X, the best Windows Phone 8 phones in the market with impressive build quality, excellent cameras and a crisp display.

Can the iPad 3 Screen be used in Daylight?

The new iPad sports a retina display which means richer colors and crispier text. But is the higher-resolution screen of the iPad 3 visible outside in bright daylight?