Web Design

Web Design tips including CSS, Translation, etc.

How to Edit Any Web Page in your Browser

Imagine if you could open websites like the New York Times or BBC in edit mode and change text or images on the web page as if you were editing some wiki website.

Embed Large Pictures with Google Maps Viewer

Learn how to embed high resolution photographs into your website (with pan and zoom) using the Google Maps Image Viewer that cuts the large image into small tiles.

How to Completely Test Your Website

Your site audience could be using a different browser or an operating system that you may have never worked on before, their system may not have certain fonts that are used in your site design, the resolution of their computer screen may be too low and so on.

Create Printer Friendly Blog Pages with Simple CSS

This CSS trick shows how to make your blog printer friendly. When readers print your web articles, they will get a clean version of the story without any sidebars, Google Ads, logos, navigation links and other extra elements.

Set Thumbnail Images for your Web Pages

Learn how to add thumbnail images to your web pages that are displayed when links from your website are submitted to social sites like Digg and Facebook.

Word of the Day – Typochondria

Typochondria refers to a state of persistent anxiety among designers that they have selected the wrong typeface or font for a project.

Google Adsense Now Allows You to Change Fonts

You can now choose to customize the appearance of your Google Adsense ad unit by choosing between “Arial”, “Verdana” or “Times” font-faces on all English (Latin-based) web pages.

How Does a Color-Blind Person See Your Site ?

If you are interested in designing an accessible website or are curious to experience websites from the eyes of a color blind, ColorBlindMe will help. It helps you view web sites like a color blind person would see them.

Convince Your Site Visitors to Upgrade their Web Browsers

Old web browsers are not just insecure, they also pose a problem for web designers as they have to design sites while keeping the older versions in mind. If you like help people upgrade their outdated browsers, Pushup has created a script that can be easily integrated in any blog or website.